Microbiome research
from idea to publication

KNOMX is the 1st microbiome-focused Contract Research Organisation

Our primary goal is to make microbiome research accesasable to everybody

We provide all the necessary services for microbiome research conducting

Expertise and technologies for you
We propose to use our comprehensive experience in research projects from idea formulating and unique technology development to data analysis and results publication. We are dividing research projects into three categories based on stages we have to cover, chose one that suits you best.
Clinical trial
If you want to conduct a full clinical trial including participants recruiting, clinical data collection, microbiome samples collection, laboratory services and the entire study data analysis
If you want to sequence your microbiome samples and analyse the data obtained.
Biobank research
Data analysis
If you have a batch of Fastq files and need help to find correlations with clinical and any other data.
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We are specialists with extensive experience in microbiome research
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We are research and development department of Atlas Biomed Group. We have more than 50 completed scientific projects and more than 100 papers in our

Among the employees and advisory board of our team, world famous scientists work. The results of our studies are published in leading scientific journals such as: Nutrition, Bioinformatics, Critical care etc.

Our primary goal is to make microbiomics available for everyone.
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