Clinical trials
Do you want to assess your product impact on the human microbiome? Or, do you wish to investigate the role of the microbiome in health disorders development? If yes - this is your section. We carry out clinical trials to order from ideas to writing the final report.
Microbiome projects differ from conventional clinical trials because of the features of metagenomic data. at the first stage, we are collecting clinical data and microbiome biobank. And only after this we conduct biobank processing and data analysis. It has to be in this manner to avoid unnecessary costs for those who do not complete the patient journey.
Ater, the entire batch of data, is collected, a comprehensive statistical and bioinformatic analysis will have been performed. The processing results are issued to our customers as documents and/or on the cloud platform.

You can learn more about the separate steps in the following sections:
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We are research and development department of Atlas Biomed Group. We have more than 50 completed scientific projects and more than 100 papers in our

Among the employees and advisory board of our team, world famous scientists work. The results of our studies are published in leading scientific journals such as: Nutrition, Bioinformatics, Critical care etc.

Our primary goal is to make microbiomics available for everyone.
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