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Knomx Contract Research Introduction

Welcome to KNOMX company page!

We are a full-cycle contract research organisation (CRO).
The only CRO focusing on projects using microbiome analysis tech. We have over 60 successfully completed projects with giants of the food and pharmaceutical industry and small biotech companies, research institutes, and individual scientists. Most of our team are scientists doing fundamental research in addition to commercial projects. We develop new microbe community analysis methods and more.

Most microbiome projects require more than just applying the recommended methods. Deep dive into the subject fields, knowledge of fundamentals in molecule genetics, clinical research, and work with omics and clinical data are often necessary. Our partners and friends ask us many questions on what microbiome is, what technologies are better suited, who else is doing this research etc. You can find out about this and much more here.

This page for you, if you are:
  • Microbiome-focused scientist in any field from medicine and veterinary to the petrochemical industry
  • An employee of a company that is interested in product-microbiome relations
  • Clinical Center or CRO planning research utilising microbiome tech
  • Anyone interested in technologies or following new developments in the biotech
This page is for you if you want to know what the microbiome is, how to research it, who explore it, and how this knowledge can be used. 

Any feedback, recommendations or advice is welcome at
Sincerely yours, Knomx Contract Research Team.