Data analysis
Do you have the metagenomic sequencing results? If yes, this is the right section. We conduct in-depth analysis of data obtained by any existing metagenomic sequencing method from amplicon sequencing (16S rRNA, ITs) to Shotgun, Hi-C and metatranscriptomics. However, 16S rRNA sequencing of microbiota is the most popular.
16S rRNA sequencing data analysis pipeline:
  1. After receiving the initial data, the cleaning of defective sequences has to be carried out.
  2. Further, all the obtained sequences should be compared with the worldwide databases of bacterial genomes, making it possible to determine the species belonging to the identified bacteria.
  3. The resulting list of species could be compared with databases of metabolic potential, which makes it possible to assess the presence of functional genes.
  4. The most challenging stage for microbiome projects data analysis is to assess changes in the microbiota over time or depending on clinical parameters. But this stage is vital, as it provides answers to biological questions that are researchers' goals.

We implement all the steps above in a fully automated cloud platform

The results can be presented as printed and/or interactive reports on the platform.

You can learn more about clinical data collecting and biobank processing stages in the following sections:
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